Written By: frostfox | Published: 3/24/2013 3:08:44 PM | 0 Comments

After testing a number of VOA targets after the ROF expansion it was soon seguested that COP needed to tackle a bigger dog. With that our officers pow wowed and were happy to Pick the non progression zone of NTOV an instance version of the temple of veeshan that allowed us not only to cover t1 and t2 events inside its instance but also would not interfere with any progression aims of our players who were doing FL and SF teams, Yet give us the advantage of doing current content. Keeping with our Sunday Speacial set up we began heading off to our Dragon hunts. NTOV boasts 13 dragons to work on. A heafty chalenge for a one night a week raid set up hosted by a family guild, But we were up for the chalenge. Making sure all our friends were invited we set out on our great adventure. After a couple weeks of working hard to bring numbers to the game, as always getting numbers for an untested open event is a chalenge in itself, We meet with our first success Dagarn the Destroyer.

With that Win the COP sunday speacial took off with a bang bring in bigger numbers the next few weeks. At present we have Six dragons down in a two and a half hour time span. Working to optimize our time we want to add another dragon each and every week till we have gotten all of them down fast and clean.

WE are very proud to have each and every person at the COP events and are so happy that so many folks are excited to show up and kill some Dragons with us.

HOPE TO See you in 2013 with us 8) in NTOV.