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This week was a big step forward for COPers . We started VOA content with a bang. Last week after talking to Furro  the leader of the freelance raid team, it was announced that COP would be Attempting the first event in the VOA raid content. Illdeara’s vengeance the first event Started with a bang , with many copers getting early raid invites. Awesome numbers for a first time event run we totaled out at 45 players. With some greatly apriciated help from some of our regulars and friends from freelance we went in boldly to kick some avatar butt. The first run went very well. The raid event was broke down into sections and People were given their jobs. Everyone worked very hard it was an event to be proud of. While we didn’t’ win our first time out only one area of the event wasn’t flawless. So with confidence in our first attempt we move forward to confirming that we will be working on this event till we have it on Farm. Thanks everyone who came to the event we hope to see just as big of a turn out next sunday  as we iron out the remaining kink and take home the chest from Argath.

more info on COP’s Open raids on Sunday

raids run from 7:30 CST to 10pm CST

Loot is random , but COP researves the right in some cases to award an item in speacial circumstances

strats can be found  posted on the Circle of prophets facebook page which is linked to circleofprophets.org

Lvl reqs are determined by the Zone itself COP has no standing lvl aa or gear requirments for its raiders.

For any in game questions contact an cop officer or join channel Copstar:copstar  and ask



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