Mission Statement

COP is a family guild that Hosts raids. We believe that all players should have the opportunity to experience all aspects of Everquest. Because of this, WE hold open raids. We encourage our members and others to pursue their raiding goals in game as a way to further their character and show support and fellowship with other players in game.


Raid times for CoP hosted events are Sundays and Mondays 7pm CST to 10pm CST. Freelance nights are Thursday thru Saturday 6:30 pm CST to 11pm CST.


All players are welcome to come to a CoP hosted events. IF a player is flagged for the zone and/or meets the zone requirements they are welcome to join the event.


  • There is to be no foul language in a CoP hosted raid. A CoP hosted raid is any raid where a CoP member, officer, or leader is in charge. Any action against this rule is seen as improper conduct that disrupts and takes away from the raid. A violator will be asked to leave the raid.
  • During a CoP hosted raid or Alliance raid, CoP members are to follow the instructions of the raid leader at all times.
  • Join instruction channels for your class and or job.
  • During a raid whether CoP or Alliance hosted the loot rules are set before loot begins and will be followed.


We ask that folks bring any items needed for a raid with them to the raid; such as pots, regents, and/or clickie items.


  • All loot is ran 1k. One loot per real life person per night.
  • Boxes and previous winners may only roll if loot is declared open to all.
  • Runes, keys, and other specified items do not count as loot; however, if you are boxing you still may only roll on one toon for these items.
  • Each person has a right to roll for an item on their toon; however, we ask that if you are not of level requirement for certain loot items that you take that into consideration.

Except in the case of officers who are online during raid time CoP does not, at any time, make its raids mandatory. Members are and will be asked to participate but participation is not a requirement for guild or FOG membership.