Who We Are

Welcome To CoP

CoP is the oldest Still active family guild from the torvonilus server.

If you are thinking CoP is a place you would like to be there are some things you would consider.

  • We are a family guild, this isn't going to change anytime soon. We host raids two nights a week and we are paired up with the Freelance raiding team whom raids three nights a week. CoP members are also welcome to join other raiding teams that may fit their playing time. If these options are not enough or don't suit you. You might want to consider a raiding guild and not a family guild. Be aware all raids are optional, not mandatory.

  • Like most family guilds we are not huge, and most of our guild has a central us time zone based play schedule. We except players from any time zone around the world and have many players that are from around the world however the most of our players are going to be seen during the hours of 7PM CST to 12AM CST. If you are a player that is mostly going to be on at a time that doesn't match this you may not see many people on. this is important to consider because, if you are a very social person and want to see lots of people on in your chosen guild and want to be busy and grouped during your play time you might consider looking for a guild that features your time zone and is active during your play schedule.

  • CoP is looking for long time committed players. we don't want you to come into the guild spend some time, get some gear, and then leave. If someone told you to join, get your epic, then join a raiding guild, and that doing so would be ok with us then they were wrong. We consider this a waste of our time and effort. We help most everyone we run across if you need help you can consider us for a FOG relationship and see if that is what you are more suited for. we have many long standing FOGs that are not in our guild and that raid with us and enjoy their time with us regardless of their tag. However, to consider Actually being a member of CoP we want you to make a commitment to the guild. We all understand things need to be tried out. You never know if you are going to get along with people. A trial membership is a valid and good option and should be mentioned when speaking directly to an officer. During this time you will not be given the option of requesting a raid though. Your time in trial will be a month. Again, we are looking for long term players that are a good match with CoP. Our ideal player is a casual player who is looking forward to pointed progression, that our raids cover, and that is interested in being a helpful mature member that is active in the guild. We have many CoPers who have been with CoP for years and would continue adding these long term family members to our roster.

  • "All knights in our heads." It is important to realize that we expect our members to have a mature outlook on playing. This is a game. Real life comes first. however we do not condone lying, cheating, stealing, or any malicious behavior. Training, camp stealing, and/or anything that can be considered inappropriate or not nice. Please no matter what class you are we prefer players who conduct themselves as paladins at all times unless engaged in a proper and fun role playing experience that has no true malice in it. This is very important to us here at CoP.

Rules of the guild

  • All members are expected to abide by the play nice policy stated by Sony regarding Everquest conduct.

  • There is to be no crude, foul, or sexually explicit language in the public guild chat or a CoP hosted raid.

  • Role playing is encouraged as long as it is in the proper regard to said character's race, class, faction, etc., and shows no true malice towards another player.

  • Unless a designated trader, NO guild member is to be anon at anytime. If you don’t wish to show your class, race, level or zone please use the /roleplay function.

  • CoP hosted raids are non mandatory for regular members. though raiding is encouraged as a part of the experience in game. Officers are required to come to a CoP hosted raid if they are online at the time.

  • If you remove your guild tag without warning or prior communication with CoP leadership you will not be allowed to re-tag without a majority vote from the leadership of CoP. if you remove your tag a second time without communication to CoP leadership you will not be re-tagged for any reason, unless under extreme circumstances.

  • Guild removal is not a tool for you to get your point across. It's not a political statement. There are better ways to resolve any problem you have. If you deguild for this reason you will not be re-tagged even if it is your first offense unless you have made communication with CoP leadership, and have Gotten a majority vote from leadership. before a vote will be put through you'll need to post an apology to the guild for violating integrity of our guild tag by treating it as a political statement. If you have previously deguilded before in this manner you will not be re-tagged for any reason regardless.

  • Statement on rule 2 ( main chat )

    CoP is a family guild and pushes to make sure its players are not only meeting theirs goals in game but also wishes that its members have a certain level of comfort when playing with each other. the rules are designed so that members are not uncomfortable expressing a certain level of communication with others in guild. We strive to make sure there is a great level of respect. As a family guild we have a wide variety of casual players from young ages to mature. to help make sure the level of game play and respect is kept we have made our focus on the Main chat rule. Not only is it to protect our younger players from being bombarded by ideas and topics and language that they are not mature enough to understand, but also shows a great deal of respect to our older players by keeping them in a semi professional environment. It is the feelings of the leader and officers of CoP that it isn't necessary for crude, lewd, or otherwise offensive remarks to be used. In most cases these remarks cause a great deal of hurt or show disrespect to many of our members . It greatly reduces the enjoyment of playing and adds stress to game play.

    We expect all CoP to abide by this rule and understand why it is in place. though mess ups happen and we try to deal with them in a mature manner. we feel that it takes more thought to type then to speak and only so many warnings will be issued.

    Officers are asked to always, before inviting a new player, make sure they are aware of this rule and are ok with it. Many players wish to play or communicate in their own manner and CoP strives to find players that best fit in our environment.

Thank you for your cooperation.